Elpis Philoptochos


  • To aid the poor, the destitute, the hungry, the aged, the sick, the unemployed, the orphaned, the imprisoned, the widowed, the handicapped, the victims of disasters, to undertake the burial of impoverished persons and to offer assistance to anyone who may need the help of the Church through fund raising efforts; and
  • To promote the charitable, benevolent, and philanthropic purposes of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, through instructional programs, presentations, lectures, seminars and other educational resources;
  • To preserve and perpetuate Orthodox Christian concepts and the Orthodox Christian Family, and through them, to promote the Greek Orthodox Faith and traditions, in accordance with its doctrines, canons, discipline, divine worship, usages and customs;
  • To promote participation in the activities of the Greek Orthodox community, with the cooperation of the Parish Priest and the Parish Council

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General Update—New Officers

We are excited to announce the election of the 2019-2021 Philoptochos Advisory Board:

Cyndi Detty—President

Joy Touliatos—Vice President

Anne Schmitt—Treasurer

Joanne Gikas—Corresponding Secretary

Stephanie Poplas—Recording Secretary

Elizabeth Hawkins—Advisor

Melissa Berretta

Bethany Paulus

Suzanna Peters

Marianthe Pilcher

Luane Semos

Sophie Theodore

Angela Tobias




Altar Committee – Laura Couloubaritsis, Chairperson

This committee works to maintain the needs of the Sanctuary of our church, from cleaning to replacing linens and other items as needed. They assess the needs of the Sanctuary and work with Father Simon to recommend to Elpis when items in the altar need to be replaced or repaired. Elpis maintains money within its budget for the needs of the altar, and can assist the Altar Committee in soliciting donations if more money is needed than is available.


Bookstore Angela Tobias & Connie Apalodimas, Managers

This committee runs the bookstore, looking after ordering, maintaining stock and working with Father Simon to ensure that certain books are available to our parishioners. The bookstore is a function of Elpis, both for moneymaking purposes, and as a service to the community. It was created in order to enable Elpis to fund their annual scholarship fund.


Charitable Giving Elizabeth Hawkins, Chairperson

This committee assesses the solicitations for money that Elpis receives in the mail, as well as seeks out new charities that could benefit from assistance from Elpis. Based on criteria that they have formulated (using advice that has been communicated to us from Father Simon and Metropolitan Nicholas), this committee makes suggestions to Elpis about charities that we should consider when we have money to donate to a worthy cause. This committee also selects a charity to designate as our “Christmas Charity.” Donations for this cause are collected at our annual Christmas Open House.


Cookbook Elaine Otto, Chairperson

The cookbook committee keeps up with the inventory and the sales of our Elpis cookbook, It’s Greek to Me. Proceeds from this cookbook go to Elpis, so it is in our interest to continue to market the cookbook as much as possible. Therefore, this committee is also responsible for seeking out new opportunities for us to sell the cookbook to the general public.


Docent Committee Renee Graves, Chairperson

This committee works with Father Simon to co-ordinate the Sanctuary Tours during the Greek Festival, and ensures that the Sanctuary is clean and manned with individuals who can answer questions from visitors in between tours. In addition, it hosts a free informational pasta dinner for visitors who want to learn more about Orthodoxy (usually on the second Tuesday after the Festival).


Hospitality Committee Chairperson Open

The hospitality committee has the important task of ensuring that events hosted by Elpis are properly set up and sufficient food is provided.  This committee will work with a local bakery to provide donuts and fruit for our sponsored coffee hours.  This helps fulfill Elpis’ mission as the “hostess of the parish.” In the past, this committee organized the coffee hour for Graduation Sunday, a coffee hour on the Sunday of Orthodoxy, and the Christmas Eve Reception at the church, amongst others.


Bereavement– Marianthe Pilcher, Chairman

This committee is on call to help guide a family through the process of organizing a Makaria (Meal of Blessedness) following the funeral of a departed loved one. We currently provide fish and a pot luck of side dishes and desserts.  The committee is responsible for setting up the lunch as well as serving.


LeBonheur Blanket Committee Elaine Otto and Luane Semos, Chairpersons

This committee collects or creates baby blankets to donate to LeBonheur Children’s Hospital. The items are tagged with a small tag that indicates that they were made with love at Annunciation, and then are donated to LeBonheur, who distributes the items to the parents of critically ill newborns in the ICU of the hospital.


Membership Stephanie Poplos, Chairperson

This committee works to come up with ideas for increasing the membership in our chapter; from ensuring that dues reminders are sent out, to assisting with membership parties and events throughout the year.


More than a Meal Cyndi Detty, Chairperson

This committee works with Grace St. Luke’s Evangelical Church in Midtown to serve meals to those in need. They will create blessing bags for volunteers to take and pass out to those guests attending.


New Mother Support Chairperson Open

This committee provides support for expectant mothers in our congregation. They will offer advice and guidance (40 Day Blessing, Baptism, etc) through the first year of the baby’s life. They will also ensure that sufficient copies of the Akathist Hymn for New Mothers and My Forty Day Blessing Book are tagged with gift tags stating that they are donated with love from Elpis, and that they remain on hand in the altar, to be given as gifts to mothers who bring their new babies in to be churched after forty days.


Poor and Homeless/Food Pantry Anna Paris, Chairperson

This committee ensures that donation day is set and advertised for the local food pantry, and that the food is transported to Highland Heights Methodist Church food bank after it is collected. Highland Heights (on Highland and Summer) is the MIFA-sanctioned neighborhood food pantry that Elpis supports. This committee also delivers “left over” food from luncheons to local soup kitchens to feed those in need.


Prayer Circle – Luane Semos, Chairperson

This committee works with Father Simon to establish a calendar for a monthly Paraklesis Service to be prayed on behalf of those who submit their names for prayer. The committee also ensures that Father is given a complete list of names of those requesting prayer.


Publicity – Linda Obradovic and Elizabeth Hawkins, Chairpersons

This committee works to publicize upcoming events and promote our activities.  Members of this group would send emails to the church office, hang flyers and take photographs of events. They are also responsible for our organization’s online presence.


Scholarship Melissa Berretta, Chairperson

This committee collects the applications for the annual Elpis scholarship, “blinds” the applications in some way (redacting the name from the application), and evaluates the anonymous applications using a specific weighted rubric in order to determine the scholarship winner.


Social Services Cyndi Detty, Chairperson

Using monies from the proceeds of the Christmas Card as well as other fundraisers, this committee works with Father Simon who receives requests from members of the parish who are in need of financial assistance during times of crisis.


Sunshine Committee Zoe Futris, Chairperson

This committee is responsible for ensuring that notes, cards, and occasionally flowers are sent to members of our parish on the occasions of illness, death, congratulations, and other such events deemed necessary by the membership.


Visitation Committee Kristine Wagner, Chairperson

This committee ensures that those parishioners who are ill, infirm, bed-ridden or hospitalized receive regular visits from members of the community, thus brightening their day and letting them know that we still remember and love them. The chairperson works with Father Simon to establish the list of those to visit – to add someone to the visitation list, please contact Father Simon.


Welcome Committee Joanne Gikas and Melissa Berretta, Chairpersons

This committee will work with the Parish Council to welcome new and visiting members to our community.


Youth Mentoring Committee Stephanie Poplos, Chairperson

This committee creates events in which Elpis can meet and work with our youth (especially the young women of the parish), by giving them an opportunity to learn how to provide service to the parish as a whole. We also look for ways pass on the traditions of parish life as well as being present in the youth’s lives.




Auxiliary Fair Joanne Gikas, Chairperson


Blessing of the Pets Connie Apalodimas and Jan Futris, Chairpersons


Christmas Card Sophie Theodore and Joy Touliatos, Chairpersons


Christmas Party – Anastasia Terranova and Cyndi Detty, Chairpersons


Dormition Reception Angela Buchannan, Janet Boosalis, and Alex Vergos, Chairpersons


Epitaphio Candles – Loretta Taras, Chairperson


Flu Shot Project – Stephanie Poplos, Chairperson


Membership Luncheon Sophie Theodore, Chairperson


Palm Sunday Luncheon Dennis Patrikios and Cyndi Detty, Chairpersons


Sts. Gerasimos & Demetrios Luncheon Sophie Sousoulas and Zoe Anaston, Chairpersons


Sunday of Orthodoxy – Elizabeth Hawkins, Chairperson


Thanksgiving Luncheon Gabriel and Enosis Touliatos, Chairpersons