Realizing Emerging Adult Leaders

The vision of the Realizing Emerging Adult Leaders Ministry is to amplify the voice of our young adults and to continue their involvement in the life of our parish. This group seeks to establish activities and strategies to engage with their peers and respond to the needs of contemporary professionals who seek to engage more fully with the Church.

REAL consists of adults, single or married, over the age of twenty-one who gather to enjoy the fellowship of one another. Its focus is on the four characteristics of Christian life: Liturgia (our relationship with God through worship and Sacramental life); Martyria (living and witnessing of Christianity to others within the faith, to those who may have left the faith, and to those outside the faith); Diakonia (living in the image of God by loving and serving mankind); Koinonia (the way in which an Orthodox Christian brings their faith into their daily and social life).