American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association

Spero J Zepatos Chapter #7, District 1

The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) is the largest and oldest American-based, Greek heritage grassroots membership organization. Its scope is international with chapters in the United States, Canada, Greece, and Cyprus, and "sister" chapters in Australia and New Zealand. AHEPA was founded on July 26, 1922 in Atlanta, Georgia, in response to the evils of bigotry and racism that emerged in early 20th century American society. It also helped Greek immigrants assimilate into society. Our local chapter was re-named in honor of one of the original founders of AHEPA, Memphian, Spero J. Zepatos.

Today, AHEPA maintains the ideals of ancient Greece, which include philanthropy, education, civic responsibility, and family and individual excellence to the community. The principles of Hellenism include a commitment to humanity, freedom, and democracy. AHEPA members are proud of the contributions the ancient Greeks gifted to Western Civilization. As Americans, we share many of the values put forth by them.

Throughout the span of its history, AHEPA has served as a vital vehicle for the progressive development and emergence of American citizens of Greek heritage into every facet of society: government, business, education, and the arts. This fulfillment illustrates the promise of the American Dream and symbolizes the hard work ethic of our immigrant forbearers who labored to achieve that dream with the principles of Hellenism rooted deep in their hearts.